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The Best Furniture for Pet Owners: 5 Options

Posted on January 09 2018

Your pets are your family, and family is messy. You wouldn't put your kids up for adoption, for example, just because they spilled juice on your sofa (unless you have REALLY bad kids). But before you say, "This is why we can't have nice things," consider these 5 options options for sparing your furniture the Mighty Claws of Death, or the Puppy Puddle.


1.Tight Weaves/Smooth Texture

Skip the chunky chenille, the jute, and the corduroy. The little hooks on the ends of pets' claws will fit right in between threads in these highly-textured fabrics and pull. Before you know it, your furniture is fluffy and pilled, and someone knows they've been naughty.

If you're concerned about pulls or spills, stick to either:


Leather/Suede (or faux)


Smooth, durable, and easily wiped down with a damp cloth, you leather sofa might just outlast you both.




Easy to clean, soft to the touch, and low-maintenance.

Check out the Ashley Nuvella line, then call us for pricing details.

2. Match colors to fur

Black on Black

...Not so much that you're always sitting on your pet thinking it's a free seat, but consider lighter colors for light-colored animals, and darker upholstery for darker animals. 

3.Throw a blanket over new furniture

If you're keeping the couch AND the cat, think about spreading a blanket over her favorite scratching areas. 

4. Indoor/Outdoor Rugs


 Mitzy Boo Boo is a force of nature on his own. Why not choose the rug that can withstand wind, snow, and rain for the high-traffic areas? 

Forget about scratchy Welcome mat material! There are now many options for Indoor/Outdoor rugs that will add a serious pop of color and style, and Princess Floofers can't ruin it.

 5. Buy Your Pet Their Own Furniture.

Pets just want to be comfortable. Reduce the competition over sitting/splaying places by providing your little royalty with their own throne.


On an editorial note, the cat trees at Armarkat provide ample recreation and resting areas for kitties young and old. 

Here's to keeping your nice things nice!




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