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Meet Our Three Favorite Chairs!

Posted on July 16 2017


How many different chairs do you sit in everyday? How many are actually comfortable? 

And how many are comfy AND totally hot?


Here are the top favorite chairs of our's and our client's:


Times Square Chair

Fully customizable upholstery options
31"l x 34"d x 35"h

The great thing about this piece is that it is completely customizable, from the upholstery to the finish on the legs. And this chair is a long-standing Nouveau best-seller. Its seat is plush enough to be totally relaxing, with a back firm and erect enough that it's supportive of any weight. Its slight wing-back recalls mid-century design, while its no-nonsense, narrow arms fit within the modern home. Perfect for small living spaces, and any size and age human being. 

Starting at $885


The Last Chelsea Chair

53"l x 35" d x 36"h

What's not to love? It's hot pink. It's patent leather. It's tufted with over-sized faux crystals. And now, since being dropped by the manufacturer, it's the last of its kind. 

Our big pink lady has had a long history with Nouveau, starting out in the front window of our boutique during Baltimore Pride 2016. Since then, folks have fallen in love with it, and tried to make it a part of their home. But because of its unique, albeit bulky form, our Baltimore City row home-dwellers have not had luck getting it safely inside in one piece.

Now it's back on our floor, and because of its checkered past, we've dropped the price from its original $1,485 to $695. Yes, really. You could own this insanely discounted, one-of-a-kind, epic conversation piece (and did I mention it really is super comfy??) for under $700. Stop in and pay the queen a visit.



The Chair-and-a-Half

Chair-and-a-half includes two pillows

51"l x 41"d x 40"h

Our lovely interior design assistant, Alivia loves cuddling up in this uber-comfy seat, which is part of a sectional set. She says it's the perfect size for tucking up her legs and working on her iPad, which rests perfectly on the broad, level armrest. And if you're like me, and you also like to sit and read side-saddle, draping your legs over an arm with your back against the other arm, you'll find the arms have enough padding that you won't lose circulation. Whether alone or with a partner, this seat is just about the best bang for your buck, especially if you're tight on space and don't want a full sofa. 

Available at Nouveau in ivory linen only--$660 (includes 2 pillows above)

Swing by our boutique any day of the week, or give us a call (410)-962-8248!


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