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Why You Should Still Shop Brick and Mortar

Posted on November 25 2017

We get it: Amazon and Wayfair are fast and dirty, not to mention cheaper.

But you also have to wait around all day, build heavy shelves, heft around bulky headboards, and break your nails on tiny allen wrenches. Something comes in broken, there aren't enough screws, or the color is all wrong.

If you're going to spend the time and money finding just the right thing, you want to know what you're getting. You want to feel the difference between linen and microfiber, run a hand along the surface of a dolphin blue chenille sofa with tufted back, the squeaky, tufted patent leather of a hot pink armchair with Swarovski crystals, or a natural-edge solid wood dining table--or be able to talk to someone who has.

We get it. We like touching stuff too.

Besides, sometimes we know you need a lamp like, yesterday. Or that one centerpiece that will instantly revamp your dining room for the dinner party. Or a desk, because yours is so old it's being held up with phone books and cinder blocks. Maybe you've just moved into your first house and are totally overwhelmed trying to make it look like a home

We like to keep the personal touch here at 10 West Eager. With just four main team members, Steve, Lee, Alivia, and Juliana, you get a mix of experience, taste, and specialty. It's one of the reasons we keep winning awards.

Steve and Lee grew up together in Savage, MD. As business partners, they combine their 30 + years of experience in design and antiques for a unique mix of trendy and retro on the showroom floor, client's homes, restaurants, offices, and lobbies.


Alivia has been Nouveau's Interior Design Assistant for the last two years, and continues to impress clients and customers with her magnetic energy and eye for the hottest trends in home design.

Juliana joined the Nouveau team in March of 2017 with a background in creative writing and content creation. She's a jill-of-all-trades around the boutique, at clients' homes, and on social media.

You may remember Nouveau from several other locations. We're back in Midtown Baltimore, surrounded by coffee shops like Baby's On Fire and the Bun Shop, cafes like City Cafe next door and Dooby's down the street. We get our champagne from Spirits of Mount Vernon. You get the idea. We love to support our neighbors, and we're hoping you do too!

Come on by and see us sometime!

Classy Gents in Classy Hats


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