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Let's Draw A C**k On It

$ 9.95

Want the perfect opportunity to indulge your inner delinquent and draw wieners on a wide range of scenes?  "Let's Draw a C**k on it" is the book for you. Maybe, it's just to see if you could get away with it; maybe it's because the situation is crying out for it; or maybe it's just because it's pretty damn funny...There are loads of reasons to draw a cock on it, whether 'it' is a poster of a sexy lady, a whiteboard in a meeting, or a sign advertising bananas.  With creative and witty visual pokes, and containing more situations than you ever dreamed possible, this book teaches you to spot the balls in real-life scenarios, as well as cock-a-doodle on billboards, slogans, and well-known works of art. If you've ever wondered what your boss would look like with a penis on his head, or if you tend to see the sausage in every spectacle, this book offers the complete package.

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