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My Cool Motorcyle

$ 24.95

Motorcycle riders today have an increasingly sophisticated and more specialized range of bikes to choose from but interest in classic bikes has also influenced the design of these new machines.  Looking back across the 100 years or so of the motorcycle, My Cool Motorcycle features over 60 stylish bikes of all shapes and sizes along with a cross-section of passionate owners and their personal stories. Many of these iconic bikes have been customized with unique styling and the high-quality, stylish photography illustrates a plethora of bike detailing covering signage, gauges, dials and bike typography. The book also includes details of extraordinary intercontinental journeys, bike culture, early examples of powered bicycles used in the First World War through sidecars for carrying the family to cutting edge, 21st century design capable of speeds over 150mph, bike collectors, iconic legends of motorcycle racing, and a look at different uses for motorcycles.

Dimensions: 9 1/4" x 1/4" x 8"

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