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The Queen Sign

$ 110.00

Want to let people know who's really in charge?  Pick up Nouveau Home's reigning best selling royal decor that reads: "The Queen Will / Will Not be Accepting an Audience".  This regal sign will let your subjects, friends and family members know if they can enter into your presence or not. The "Not" plaque is removable and blank or the other side. This lofty decoration comes equipped with with 2 metal fleur de lis buttons, and a 3-D metal crown. You can either hang this on a door/wall or propped into a easel for easy display for all your followers to admire.  Attitude not included.

Dimensions: 26"L X 1.4"W X 19"H

Dimensions: Of the "Not" Plaque is 6.5" L  x 2.75"W

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