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Things Stoned People Say

$ 12.95

No one remembers what they say when they’re high. Even when they can, their meanderings don’t have the same spontaneity and gravitas that lead to wisdom or a “higher” understanding. More often than not the outright comedic timing and authenticity is lost in the translation between sober and stoned immaculate.

Lucky for you (and us), author Morton Carter saw himself fit for the task of documenting the earth-shattering epiphanies, nuggets of truth and wisdom, incriminating revelations, riotously funny stories, and sharp-witted quips that hang hilarious amid the plumes of smoke in the room. In the same spirit as Things Drunk People Say, the stumbling, intriguing, nonsensical but hilarious words are brought to life with creative, original art and published for the world to see.

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